Sunday, July 22, 2018

Dinner from Little Caesar's Pizza in Jersey City, NJ

For the first time ever, I got to try Little Caesar's, and I have to say, I really liked it  It reminded me a lot like pizza hut.  I would rank it slightly below the Hut, but above Domino's.  Their cheese bread was dangerously addictive.  Loved the herbs.  Their deep dish pizza is awesome as well.  Their regular pizza is what puts the Hut above it; this was just okay.  But super cheap and delivers via uber eats, so why not.
Cheese bread

Look at all those herbs

4 piece deep dish pepperoni pizza.  This and the cheese bread were part of Hot n Ready Box Set Pizza

Regular thin crust with bacon and mushrooms.  The mushrooms didn't look great - likely frozen

So much food

Brunch at Sky Thai in Jersey City, NJ

My parents have both taken a great liking to Sky Thai.  It's usually pretty empty, which is good in the sense that the service is always great and the food still quality.  I tried something new and was pleasantly surprised.  Slowly making my way through the menu.
Rock and Roll Shrimp - basically shrimp deep fried in spring roll wrappers.  Smart and tasty

Chicken Volcano - deep fried chicken glazed with scallion, cashew nut, and chef's special sweet red chili sauce.  Not spicy but great flavor. Also pineapples which added a nice sweetness.  Came out and looked beautiful

My dad got Tofu with broccoli in garlic sauce

My mom got Tilapia in sweet and sour sauce sauteed with onion, scallion, tomato, pineapple, and chef's special tomato sauce.  Tastes a lot like Filipino escabeche

Late dinner at Katz's Delicatessen in NYC

We had second dinner at Katz's.  Tried the cheesecake, which was okay, and of course corned beef and pastrami sandwiches.  They finally accept credit cards, which makes life so much easier.  One of the quintessential NYC late night eats.
Saw this cheesecake on youtube

It was a little dense for me

Corned beef


Beauties.  Can't pick a favorite.  Also the only place where I will willingly eat pickles

Dinner at Vic's in NYC

Had a nice friend dinner at Vic's in the Village.  It's a cute Italian spot by the same folks of Cookshop (and other restaurants).  We shared our dishes which was fun because got to try lots of things.  The food was solid but I have my two fav Italian places so it's hard not to compare them.  With Italian restaurants, I often don't remember the food particularly, except at my two favs, so I'm unlikely to return.
Found another solid rose cider

Sesame bread with garlic and ramp goat butter

pizza bianca, stracciatella, garlic, pecorino, lemon

borsa “little purse”, Ricotta, Hazelnut, Lemon

tonnarelli, clams, greens, garlic, calabrian chilies, mINT

duck egg tagliatelle, spring onions, green garlic, parmigiano, marjoram

Pizza with meatballs

Dessert at Torico in Jersey City, NJ

Torico had a summer special flavor - ube pound cake, so I had to try it.  It basically was their regular ube with pieces of pound cake.  Can't  be mad at that.
Kiddie cone ftw

Lunch at Chikarashi in NYC

I'm slowly but surely eating my way through all the different poke spots in NYC.  I like how most if not all of the poke places have online ordering, so I can time it and pick it up without having to wait like a sucker haha.  This place has fish collar, not cheap, but I didn't want to eat it in public like an animal or bring it to my meeting, so I stuck to poke.  I wasn't in love with the dressing so the overall meal was just ehh, but I would definitely want to try the poke sometime.
Ponzu salmon - Atlantic Salmon, Wasabi Ponzu, Shiso, Avocado, Tobiko.  The ponzu was very strong and a little too acidic for my liking

Brunch at White Oak Tavern in NYC

We had book club brunch at White Oak Tavern.  They had great happy hour deals and we easily took over the place for a very spirited discussion.  I also took photos of their whiskey bible for Dan to peruse from home.  Solid brunch spot in the Village.

Pulled Pork Hash - jerk pulled pork, potato, onion, peppers and poached eggs

Egg broken up.  Great seasoning on the pork
My boozy donut - vanilla cream and amaretto

Great flavor

Oozing out