Saturday, February 3, 2018

Dinner at Latham House in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I went to Latham House for dinner.  I don't know why I didn't think there would be a wait on a Saturday night.  I think I assumed people mostly went there for brunch/lunch, which was an incorrect assumption.  Fortunately we didn't end up waiting for long.  The food was really wonderful, and Dan's pot pie was massive!  Bigger than his face!  My salmon was just what I needed.  Fresh and healthy but filling.  One of my new favs.
Seared Scallops and Crispy Bacon app - haricots verts, arugula, grape tomatoes citrus vinaigrette.  It was hearty without being heavy, if that make sense.  Scallops perfectly cooked.  Reminded me of how much I love scallops

Chicken Pot Pie - breast of chicken, vegetables, fresh herb cream gravy scallion-cheddar biscuit crust . One of the best pot pies I've had but oh so rich

Look at that pot pie in proportion to Dan's body.  It was HUMONGOUS.  Could've fed 3

Grilled Salmon, Grains & Greens - quinoa, bulgur, farro, arugula, pistachio, avocado, tomato, orange-basil vinaigrette. Just what I needed after the other two dishes

Brunch at Molly's Shebeen Pub and Restaurant in NYC

Went to Molly's for a book club brunch.  The book was told from the perspective of an Irish-American man, so fitting.  The portions were huge, at least my breakfast.  I could only get through half because it was massive.  Very authentic tasting though, so props to them for that.
Corned beef hash and eggs

The Full Irish Breakfast - Two Eggs, White and Black Pudding, Irish Sausage, Irish Bacon, Tomato & Home Fries.  Plus I added the irish baked beans.  Could have easily fed two people

Dinner from Conga Cafe in Union City, NJ

I ordered some cuban food from a new place on Uber Eats - Conga Cafe.  Food came pretty quickly and was delicious and tasted authentic.  I think this is one of the few places I've seen that even has arepas on their menu.  Their pernil wasn't as good as Me Casa, but still good.   I can't get over the arepa though - so delicious and topped with ropa vieja yumm.
Lechon asado with moro and plantains

Cuarteto de empanadas - the beef was the beset

Arepa con queso y ropa vieja - best thing we got

Dinner at Pasta dal Cuore in Jersey City, NJ

Tracy and I went to Pasta dal Cuore for dinner.  We tried to go to a Thai place but it was closed boo.  Their loss though since we had a delicious meal at PDC.  And it's BYOB so we saved money by not having to pay for drinks.  Always my fav Italian spot although the menu is smaller than most.  The quality of the pasta is just so worth it though.
Special of the night.  Fried mozzarella with dressed arugula and marinara

Fettucine al Aglio e Pepe ai Funghi - roasted garlic & black pepper hand-cut fettucine with mushroom (portobello, oyster, shiitake) ragu, truffle pate and finished with truffle oil

A spinach fettucine special with shrimp and clams.  Loved it and it wasn't too heavy

Dinner at Buddy Who's in Jersey City, NJ

There's a new restaurant where Park and Sixth Gastropub and York Street Tavern used to be called Buddy Who's.  Cute story about the owner and his wife and parents.  Food was great.  American bistro.  The waiter was definitely new, and it was mildly annoying, but I'll ignore that because the food was great and I know there are growing pains.  Interestingly, they have breakfast and brunch, so definitely want to come back and try it.
Dan got the Jersey burger - Grilled Pork Roll, over easy egg, bacon and cole slaw

I got the French Onion burger - Exactly what you're thinking but we're subbing in Swiss cheese with this one. Enjoy!  It was so rich but soooo good.  Tons of fries, which were perfectly cooked

Chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.  HUGE.  How the f could one person eat this?  The cookie was a little hard.  Would've been 10x better had they warmed the cookie for a few seconds in the microwave. Completely unnecessary but had no restraint

Dinner at Greene Hook in Jersey City, NJ

Greene Hook changed their menu for the winter season!  I just love when they add new things to their menu because their chef is so creative and always executes everything perfectly.  This dinner was no exception.
Winter menu

It was early so we made it in time for happy hour.  A dozen oysters for $1 each

The ravioli was a special that day

I believe this also was a special that Dan got.  Can't recall the meat but it was very French and fresh and herb-y

I got the burger special too!  It was lamb with lots of feta as you can see.  It was juicy and perfectly cooked.  And came with salad so I felt almost healthy

Banana cake with caramelized banana and espresso ice cream.  Dan really enjoyed it.  It was too real banana-y for me

Their creme brulee with berries is always incredible

Dinner at Anjappar in NYC

A bunch of us went to Anjappar after trivia.  This place was recommended to us by a friend but I didn't LOVE it, which I thought I would have.  I didn't love most of the curries that came with my thali.  The samosas were fine but I prefer them from Rasoi.  Glad to try it but will venture elsewhere in Curry Hill.

My meat thali platter