Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dinner from Gogi Grill in Hoboken, NJ

We ordered Korean fast casual from Gogi Grill, which reminds me of a Chipotle but Korean food.  The food was delicious, healthy, and large portions.  Enough for two meals.  The ETA for arrival was a bit longer than originally stated but it was worth it in my opinion.
My Build Your Own Bowl - Korean Fried Rice (soy sauce, sesame oil, and butter), beef bulgogi, sprouts, garlic butter corn, cucumber kimchi, zucchini, seaweed stripss, and side of red (extra spicy korean red pepper sauce)

My bowl all mixed up

Dan got a Build Your Own Burrito - korean fried rice, beef bulgogi, garlic butter corn, spicy slaw, romaine lettuce, regular kimchi, and green sauce (cilantro, lime, and medium spicy chili)

We got one build your own taco to try the spicy bacon - spicy korean bacon, watercress, spicy slaw, white radish, cucumber kimchi and side of red sauce.  Bacon was delicious and thick, though not too spicy.  There was a LOT going on such a small taco though haha

Dinner from Carvao BBQ in Jersey City, NJ

We ordered dinner from Carvao BBQ via Uber Eats.  We were pleasantly surprised both by how delicious the food was and how quickly it came.  The bbq is typical Portuguese.  Large portions and cheap prices.  Can't go wrong.
Part of the sampler - delicious Mexican corn

Everything we ordered

"Small" ribs - said two pieces but they were cut in half and large.  Plus fries and rice

Rest of the sampler included grilled Portuguese sausage and fried wings.  The wings were dry rubbed and delicious!  The sausage was a wee bit overcooked but Dan enjoyed.  Definitely had good flavor

Lunch at Wasabi Sushi and Bento in NYC

Dan and I went to Wasabi in Fulton Center for a quick lunch.  Dan got poke and I finally tried the eel bowl.  Eel tasted good but was so small I was still hungry after :(  So I got some dumplings that I failed to take a pic of which were filling.
Eel bento bowl with veggies on white rice.  Dan also got a tuna rice ball which was tuna salad.  It was okay.  I don't generally like the ratio of protein to rice -- too much rice

Lunch from Yorganic in NYC

I had a healthy lunch from Yorganic by work. I had a bliss bowl and the bowls there are large and last for two lunches.  Didn't love the peanut sauce (was a little watery) but the actual bowl ingredients were delicious and healthy.  A great lunch option.
Bliss Bowl with white rice, grilled chicken, chickpeas, broccoli, corn and mushroom.  Next time will try some of the other meats like bulgogi

Dim Sum Brunch at Nom Wah Tea Parlor in NYC

Jordan and I went to Nom Wah for dim sum brunch.  Had to wait a bit but actually moved fast, despite getting there at 11:30.  They forgot two of our orders but didn't put it on the receipt, and was actually probably a good thing because were both pretty full. Unfortunately they did not forget any of our fried orders, which was probably why we got so full.  Still, a good meal in nice company and without the hecticness of the cart dim sum.
Scallion pancakes

Fried Turnip Cake and Fried Shrimp wrapped in bacon

The Shu Mais aka my fav dim sum options

Pork Shu Mai

Shrimp Shu Mai

Dinner at Red Poke in NYC

After City Kitchen, Dan and I swung by Red Poke because it was nearby and poke seemed like a light but potentially filling option.  For the first time we realized you can have bad poke.  We should've been tipped off because they had other bowls options like cooked meat and only two real poke options.  Was kind of pricey and just not impressive.  It tasted weird for a reason we can't pinpoint.  Something about this tasted off.  No umami flavor and way too much citrus.
Make your own bowl

Looks nice in the picture but was not good

Fun sign though

Dinner at City Kitchen in NYC

Dan and I went to City Kitchen for a quick dinner.  Dan got himself a lobster roll from Luke's Lobster and I got ramen from Kuro Obi, which has some link to Ippudo.  Both were good though we weren't completely full so swung by a poke place and got a little more food.
Spicy ramen.  Can't remember what kind but it was a spicy miso broth

Nice bowl though not super memorable
Lobster Roll.  Always good