Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dinner at White Star Bar in Jersey City, NJ

Dan was in the mood for steak so we went to White Star.  The food was delicious, truly worth coming back for, but service was not good.  The waitress kept disappearing, but regardless, we were both very impressed by their steak game.
Steak Frites - Grilled 12oz NY strip, herb butter and house fries.  Excellent steak and perfect fries

Prime sirloin with burgundy demi, grilled asparagus and potato au gratin.  A perhaps perfect plate.  I loved that they sliced the sirloin because I was worried it would be dry.  The sauce was excellent, def dipped the NY strip in it.  Asparagus was hearty and the au gratin was possibly my fav part

Brunch at Sons of Essex in NYC

We had book club brunch at Sons of Essex.  The music was awesome - largely 90s and early '2000s hip hop with a few current songs, mostly Drake.  They were also showing the football game, which was excellent for my fantasy stalking.  It was kind of loud so hard to discuss the book, but food was awesome.  Took leftovers home cause mine was huge.
Truffle Tater Tots - excellent tots but no truffle taste

Original Eggs Benedict with Canadian bacon

I got the S.O.E. Brunch Pizza - soft scrambled eggs, aged cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, drizzled with house-made sriracha.  There was def a creamy taste, maybe cream cheese or something?  Good but so large and a little bit sweet, which was surprising

Eggs Benedictowitz - smoked salmon, hollandaise, served on a potato pancake

Lunch from Short Grain in Jersey City, NJ

Short Grain always is a solid yet healthy options.  I've known their sandwiches were great but now I know they also have excellent rice bowls.  Similar to Num Pang.  Only thing left to try is their brunch menu, but would rather do that in person than take-out.
Slow Roasted Pork Belly Sandwich with hoisin, pickled vegetables and cilantro.  Always nice and refreshing

Coconut Curry Chicken Entree w/brown rice and market salad.  Love the chicken, which I've had on a sammie.  Slightly sweet with a kick.  Rice was perfect texture and the right amount of moisture.  Veggies made me feel healthier ha

Brunch at Blue Smoke in NYC

Dan and I went to Blue Smoke in Battery Park City for brunch as we had other plans later in the city.  We had some decadent food but were sooo happy to find delicious, fluffy, made-to-order beignets.  Worth the trip just for that.  Everything was delicious but we were so full; thankfully we walked for quite a long while after.
Loved their coasters

Huge beignets with coffee and chicory crème anglaise.  Perfect dips

Bright-Eyed Breakfast Sandwich - biscuit doughnut, fried egg, pimento cheese, spicy fried chicken.  Insanely rich

Meat and Two Sides except one side is meat!  Brisket with side of maple andouille sausage (excellent flavor and mix of sweet/spicy), barbecue baked beans and biscuit.  Meat and delish

Breakfast sammie topped w/sausage gravy.  Because that is a normal side there that's included like ketchup.  WHAT

Dinner from Sawadee in Jersey City, NJ

I was really craving General Tso's chicken after our failed Grand Sichuan trip, so we went out on a whim and ordered from Sawadee since all their other food is great.  We also tried their roti curry which was excellent as well, and their veggie dumplings is always a solid bet. Great meal overall.
General Tso's was solid.  Above average for take-out

I think this was roti curry with chicken.  All their curries are excellent

Steamed veggie dumplings.  Love how they're topped with toasted garlic bits

Semi-home made veggie pizza

Dan and I used one of the Against the Grain gluten-free (ie. solid cheese haha) pizza crusts for pizza.  We made pesto from our home-grown basil and topped with mozzarella cheese, kale, and mushrooms.  So delicious and extra cheesy.

Dinner at Orale in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I tried to go to Grand Sichuan on Grove Street but it was closed :(  Instead we went to Orale and had a delicious and decadent dinner.  The steak in particular was incredible, though incredibly rich.  Made for nice leftovers for breakfast :)
Queso Flameado - A mix of oaxacan & chihuahua cheeses melted in a cast iron skillet served with house made tortilla chips.  Fancy cheese dip.  Delish

Queso with chips

Carne Asada - seared skirt steak, bone marrow, chimichurri emulsion and hand cut duck fat fries with warm tortillas.  An incredible meal.  Steak was cooked perfectly and so juicy because of the bone marrow and chimicurri sauce.  Fries were underneath so soaked in duck fat and meat juice.  Made little tacos and had steak leftover for breakfast.  Must order!

Dan's Enchilada Suiza - shredded chicken, creamy tomatillo sauce, chihuahua & oaxacan cheese

Dinner from Tony Boloney's in Hoboken, NJ

Dan and I were craving pizza so we decided to order pizza from Tony Boloney's because the menu looked so awesome - super creative and not too expensive, plus poutine!  Unfortunately the pizza was incredibly greasy and salty and they even forgot part of our order.  The poutine was fine but overpriced, and it's sad when fries are the best part of the meal.  Definitely disappointed as the menu looked great.  Maybe it's better in person?
Mother Italy Proud Pizza - Cheese ravioli with homemade spicy vodka sauce, fresh sweet smoked mutz and chopped fresh basil.  Better than the other pizza but was lukewarm and just kind of ehhh

Ducktown Pizza - sirloin steak, smoked bacon, fresh mutz with garlic and herbs.  Sounded sooo good but was sooo salty and even more greasy

Pu-tin Fries - fries, gravy, cheese curds and scallions.  Best part of the meal

Dinner at Mathew's Food and Drink in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I tried the nice White Star restaurant Mathew's, which replace La Conguita on Grove Street.  We had to wait briefly as it was still newly opened, but well worth it as the food was great.  Our server was very nice though food came out slowly.  The drinks were excellent, mine in particular was SO FUN to look at haha.  The chicken was excellent; almost as good as their regular chicken sandwich.  Definitely hope to come back when it's less crowded.
Dan's Manhattan in back, and my 80s Glam in front - gin based with edible glitter!

Sauteed Clams and Chorizo - little necks, chorizo, lobster broth, and sourdough.  Great flavor though a little bit salty

Not on the dinner menu but on the bar menu, the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich.  Perfectly fried and great balance of sweet honey with heat. Fries nice and crisp

Also great refreshing slaw

Housemade Bucatini with rock shrimp, cherry peppers, heirloom tomato, lobster broth, and grana padano.  Excellent pasta and loved the shrimp with it

Forgot the name of this dessert, but was coffee flavor and chilled like pudding

Good but not mind blowing

Brunch from Hamilton Pork in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I ordered brunch from Hamilton Pork as I was especially craving a breakfast burrito.  The burritos were veggie but I added brisket and it was excellent.  Dan's eggs benedicts didn't travel so well but was tasty.  Lots and lots of potatoes that were nice and crispy.  I definitely think it would've been better at the actual restaurant but not bad for delivery brunch at all.
Kung Pow wings.  Nice and crispy with great sweet sauce with a slight kick

Huevos Benedictos - brisket, avocado spread, poached eggs and hollandaise plus home fries

Side of home fries for my breakfast burrito

Breakfast Burrito - brisket, avocado, rice, shredded queso, burnt end beans.  Their beans are so meaty and flavorful almost didn't need the brisket.  Soo good and would be great in person