Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dessert from Nasto's in Newark, NJ

I cannot believe that we had never been to Nasto's in the Ironbound before.  I legit think it is the best ice cream I've ever eaten.  So rich and creamy and the perfect amount of sweetness, and some amazing flavor choices.  Definitely need to make more trips in order to try them all.  They also have a large assortment of packed ice creams and also desserts.  I also got a cannoli in addition to the ice cream, which was amazing.
Half cookies and cream and half sea salted caramel pretzel.  Both flavors were ridiculous, the best of any of those flavors I've ever had.  Also the portion was the small and it was HUGE.

Holy Cannoli to go, and real cannoli.  The gelato was unreal.  Just like the filling but 100x better

Brunch at Park & Sixth Gastropub in Jersey City, NJ

Dan, Walker, and I went for brunch to Park & Sixth since it's one of the few places where Walker can join us.  As usual, it was delicious and satisfying.  Wish it were closer so we could go even more often.
Dan's beer and my Berry Stormy - kraken rum, ginger beer, blackberry and lime.  Delicious and refreshing

Dan ordered the Buffalo Soldier - pulled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, and P&S signature wing sauce. He was a fan

Scallop Po Boy - panko crusted scallops, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo.  This was so delicious and the bread had the perfect amount of crunch and softness.  Of course the fries were amazing as usual

Dinner from Oh Picadinho in Newark, NJ

Dan and I took a risk and ordered food from a new restaurant in the Ironbound - Oh Picadinho, a Portuguese BBQ restaurant.  We were sooo happy once the food came.  The portions were ginormous and so cheap considering how much food we got.  I think we spent $30 or so on enough food that lasted at least four dinners.  Would definitely order from there again and would even like to eat there, as they serve my new favorite ice cream Nasto's.
Spanish chips, black beans, beef ribs and chicken and yellow rice, and picadinho

Mixed Picadinho with shrimp, pork, beef, chicken, chorizo and veggies.  INSANE

Mixed grill platter with beef ribs and chicken.  So delicious.  I love short ribs and they were nice and juicy

Spanish chips and black beans.  I think going to the restaurant would make this taste even better since the chips are fried

Dinner at Koreander Cafe in Montclair, NJ

Dan and I had dinner at Koreander Cafe in Montclair.  The food overall was good but nothing outstanding or super memorable.  The portions were pretty large, which was nice, and the place is reasonably close so perhaps would try it again.  I think I was mostly disappointed by their Korean Fried Chicken wings because it was just fried wings without the soy garlic or double fried-ness.
Nice array of Ban chan

More ban chan

Kim chi and pickled radish

miso soup

Two kinds of fried chicken.  The saucy ones were too spicy for me.  The regular just tasted like any fried chicken without anything particularly Korean. Kind of reminded me of the fried chicken at my college's food court

Jap Chae - short rib was good inside and it was lasted a few meals more

Bibimbap with bulgogi.  Acceptable but don't really remember anything particular about it