Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dinner from Karpollo in Newark, NJ

We ordered dinner from Karpollo, which had good reviews on Yelp for its bbq.  The food itself was great, good value and well cooked, but it took an hour long than they said to arrive.  AND they mistakenly gave us tres leche cake instead of flan.  I love tres leche but I ordered the flan so both Dan and I could eat it.  Sadly, only cake for HP.
Fried Pork Belly with potato - only $3.  Super meaty.  The potato was just boiled, which was kind of blah

1/2 roasted chicken and 1/2 short ribs.  Both were excellent.  Great seasoning and well cooked.  I could have easily eaten all the short ribs myself

Side of rice

Plate of rice and beans and pork belly

Brunch at Park & Sixth Gastropub in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I stopped by Park & Sixth Gastropub for our first brunch with the doggie.  Walked peacefully sat by us while we ate, while staff and strangers repeatedly showered him with affection.  As usual the meal was amazingly delicious, and as usual I overordered lol.  Good thing Dan helped pick up the slack.
Tuna Tartare - cucumber, fried basil, garlic chips, srirachva yogurt, avocado wasabi mousse, house potato chips.  Tuna perfectly fresh and meaty.  Everything else just tastes perfect together

Thai calamari special - was going to get the Thai Curry wings but they had the same thing in calamari for the special.  Crisp and a great balance of sweet and spicy, but the crunch of pistachios

Lobster Cobb Salad - poached lobster, romaine, bruschetta, avocado, slab bacon, blue cheese, hard boiled egg, tomatillo salsa, and sherry vinaigrette.  So hearty and well-balanced

Garlic pepper fries - the best.  Only thing that would make these better is a garlic aioli dip

Dessert from Milk Sugar Love in Jersey City, NJ

The latest ice cream spot in JC is also a bakery.  We stopped by a See Spot Rescued event in JC, which was right in front of Milk Sugar Love.  They had some puppy fro-yo as well as for people.  The flavors were unique yet simple.
Dan's selection - salted caramel and vanilla bean

My cone- salted cashew on bottom and honey lavender on top

Home-made breakfast and from Teixeira Bakery in Newark, NJ

I made gluten-free chocolate chip pancakes with some sausage and fresh fruit, and I also unrelatedly picked up amazing pasteis de nata from the best bakery in Newark.  The filling is perfect consistency and the crust is perfectly flaky and buttery.  Def hard not to stuff my face with these bad boys.

Gluten-free chocolate chip pancakes and hot and spicy sausage, plus kiwi

Amazing pasteis de nata

Dinner from 5 Grains Rice in Harrison, NJ

Dan and I ordered from 5 Grains Rice, an attempt at ordering from a "higher end" Chinese/Asian fusion restaurant in town.  As we have learned each time we've deviated from China Wok, more money for this type of food does not equal better.  We should just stick to China Wok, which is passable but not as good as any place in Jersey City.
Jalapeno Pepper Sliced Beef

Bourbon Chicken - not even half as good as the mall bourbon chicken

Wonton soup.  Not memorable