Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dinner from Karpollo in Newark, NJ

We ordered dinner from Karpollo, which had good reviews on Yelp for its bbq.  The food itself was great, good value and well cooked, but it took an hour long than they said to arrive.  AND they mistakenly gave us tres leche cake instead of flan.  I love tres leche but I ordered the flan so both Dan and I could eat it.  Sadly, only cake for HP.
Fried Pork Belly with potato - only $3.  Super meaty.  The potato was just boiled, which was kind of blah

1/2 roasted chicken and 1/2 short ribs.  Both were excellent.  Great seasoning and well cooked.  I could have easily eaten all the short ribs myself

Side of rice

Plate of rice and beans and pork belly

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