Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dinner at Mathew's Food and Drink in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I tried the nice White Star restaurant Mathew's, which replace La Conguita on Grove Street.  We had to wait briefly as it was still newly opened, but well worth it as the food was great.  Our server was very nice though food came out slowly.  The drinks were excellent, mine in particular was SO FUN to look at haha.  The chicken was excellent; almost as good as their regular chicken sandwich.  Definitely hope to come back when it's less crowded.
Dan's Manhattan in back, and my 80s Glam in front - gin based with edible glitter!

Sauteed Clams and Chorizo - little necks, chorizo, lobster broth, and sourdough.  Great flavor though a little bit salty

Not on the dinner menu but on the bar menu, the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich.  Perfectly fried and great balance of sweet honey with heat. Fries nice and crisp

Also great refreshing slaw

Housemade Bucatini with rock shrimp, cherry peppers, heirloom tomato, lobster broth, and grana padano.  Excellent pasta and loved the shrimp with it

Forgot the name of this dessert, but was coffee flavor and chilled like pudding

Good but not mind blowing

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