Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dinner from Tony Boloney's in Hoboken, NJ

Dan and I were craving pizza so we decided to order pizza from Tony Boloney's because the menu looked so awesome - super creative and not too expensive, plus poutine!  Unfortunately the pizza was incredibly greasy and salty and they even forgot part of our order.  The poutine was fine but overpriced, and it's sad when fries are the best part of the meal.  Definitely disappointed as the menu looked great.  Maybe it's better in person?
Mother Italy Proud Pizza - Cheese ravioli with homemade spicy vodka sauce, fresh sweet smoked mutz and chopped fresh basil.  Better than the other pizza but was lukewarm and just kind of ehhh

Ducktown Pizza - sirloin steak, smoked bacon, fresh mutz with garlic and herbs.  Sounded sooo good but was sooo salty and even more greasy

Pu-tin Fries - fries, gravy, cheese curds and scallions.  Best part of the meal

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