Friday, August 4, 2017

Dinner at China Poblano in Las Vegas, NV

My last big meal in Vegas was at Jose Andres' restaurant China Poblano, which has both Chinese and Mexican food, but is not fusion.  Just both Chinese and Mexican foods side by side.  It was Restaurant Week so I ordered that because got to try so many popular items from the menu for only $40.  Since no one drank it wasn't expensive at all. Another great restaurant from Jose Andres.  Definitely recommend if you are in Vegas.
Restaurant week menu

Tuna Cevichee and Morralito

Tuna Ceviche Spoon - ahi tuna, toasted pecans, avocado, crispy amaranth, soy lime dressing.  Delicious and fresh tasting

Morralito - jicama wrappe guacamole bite.  Tiny but tasty

Golden Pig - fried delicate steamed bun.  Chinese bbq pork bely and condensed milk.  My fav!  Meat was excellent and so unique with the condensed milk dipping.  Dough was slightly sweet too

Debbie and Sejal got nachos

Sus got soup

Sejal and Debbie also got the twenty-vegetable fried rice

Rice mixed up

My traditional shu mai - shrimp, pork, jicama, mushrooms, peanuts and 24K gold!  Why the gold I don't know but felt a little baller saying I'm eating gold haha

Pollo a la Parilla - grilled chicken, guacamole, green onions taco.  Delish meat

Shrimp mojo - sauteed shrimp, sweet black garlic, rajas, and lime.  Tasty though a teeny bitter from the garlic

My RW meal also came with a smaller portion of twenty-vegetable fried rice.  Delicious even though no meat

My rice all mixed up

Cute butterfly carrots

Mango Sticky Rice - def different from any I've had.  I loved the crispy rice but did slightly miss having the rice the typical way

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