Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dinner at L'Artusi in NYC

Dan and I went to dinner at L'Artusi as I had read so many reviews that their pasta is the best in NYC.  The environment wasn't the best - a little snotty and we waited a bit to be seated, and I had to make a reservation a month in advance for a late seating on a Monday night.  BUT the food was as good if not better than I had hoped, so overall worth it.  The shocking part was the best dish was completely meat-free.  We have since learned how to cook this dish, but their version is still the best I've had.
Hamachi Tartare - grapes, chives, lemon and walnuts.  What sounds kind of like a strange combo was actually perfection.  Super balanced.  It had acid, salt, crunch, plus fresh and perfectly sliced hamachi.  We ate this super quickly.

This was some kind of pasta special with short rib.  Good but not as good as the dish below

Signature spaghetti - with garlic, chilies, and paremesan.  What sounds so simple was legit the best pasta I've eaten. EVER.

Another shot.  The breadcrumbs were heavenly.  Perfect texture, size, and absorbed all the delish garlicy cheese sauce

Our drinks.  I really don't remember what they were but they were good though took too long to be brought out.

Charred Octopus - with potatoes, chilies, olives, and pancetta.  Excellent texture 

Olive oil cake - raisin marmellata, vin santo, creme fraiche mousse.  AMAZING.  The cake itself was so moist and the creme fraiche was a perfect compliment.  I even didn't mind the raisins, which I normally don't like in my dessert.

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