Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brunch at Thirty Acres in Jersey City, NJ

My first trip to Thirty Acres in a long time, and brought a JC friend who had never been.  JC is really quickly becoming a foodie town. A quick google search and you can see that Thirty Acres is the leader in the foodie revolution.  The restaurant opens at noon on the weekends and I thought getting there around 12:40ish we'd have to wait, but fortunately no wait at all.  It was a difficult decision trying to figure out what to get, though in the end I was pretty pleased and only slightly regretful that I didn't order something meatier haha.  Still, a great meal and not so expensive compared to the dinner pricing.

French Toast - Nate Dogg's bread, whipped mascarpone, apples - my friend really enjoyed this.  Looked awesome

Side of bacon.  Certainly not skimpy

Smoked Artic Char Club - my choice.  Bacon, lettuce, fried lemons and spicy mayo w/side of Nate Dogg's potato salad.  I wish the bread hadn't been so crusty because it was a little hard to bite into it since it was so tall (club, duh) but it was very tasty.  With the mayo in the sandwich and mayo in that potato salad, a little too much mayo for me.  But still I could appreciate the good flavor

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