Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brunch at Momofoku Ma Peche in NYC

Dan and I finally made it to one of the Momofuku restaurants for a regular (i.e. not prix-fixed) meal.  Ma Peche actually lets you make reservations for more than 4 people, which is great.  The location is kind of weird - in a hotel, and the decor also was kind of sterile in my opinion w/a hint of peach color ha.  But the food was pretty amazing, though I was full after the ramen, which was problematic given that the was the second of four dishes we ordered lol.  The rice cakes were ridiculously hot, especially re-heated the next day.  Like I could barely eat any of it hot.  Oh well.  Dan enjoyed it at least.

Pork buns!  with hoisin, cucumber and scallions.  Amazing as always.  Melt-in-your-mouth meat.  Dan said he thought it was better than Momofuku noodle bar.  To me it was the same.

(Left) calamansi soda, and (right) Arnold Palmer.  Both amazing.   Props to Ma Peche for having calamansi, which is usually only found at Filipino restaurants.  It's a lemon-lime hybrid. My arnold palmer had jasmine iced tea, which added a nice floral note.

Duck Ramen w/duck confit and bean sprouts.  Very tasty and nice flavor of broth, but also very rich and mildly thick.

Spicy roasted rice cakes w/pork ragu, water spinach and tofu.  Topped w/some fried onions. So tasty but really hot.  The rice cakes were very filling as well, kind of gnocchi-like but rice instead of potato.

Jerk chicken wings w/brown sugar, all spice, and smoked olive oil.  My fav new thing I tried but unfortunately the last dish served so I was already full and it was also temperature-wise very hot so hard to eat given my food-coma condition. 

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