Friday, January 3, 2014

Dinner at The Smith in NYC

Post Nutcracker and in celebration of Debbie, we went to The Smith near Lincoln Center for dinner.  By the time we got our food we were all ravenous so that probably slightly colored my perception of dinner, but all the food was pretty solid minus my lukewarm/cold smashed potatoes.  Also we learned a lesson that fatter shishito peppers are more spicy, so if you're like me and prefer them more mild, go for the limp ones haha.  Would definitely come back to try some other dishes.

Mac + cheese - not sure how many cheeses there were but very tasty and satisfying

Blistered shishito peppers w/sea salt - very delicious esp. the sea salt.  Kind of like eating edamame.  However as noted above, the fatter ones pack a punch

Baked pretzel w/spicy honey mustard - loved the pretzel itself but the dip was too much.  They should mention wasabi if there's wasabi to make it spicy!

My Brick Pressed Chicken w/smashed potatoes and roasted garlic au jus - I wanted to love it but the dish was probably the most disappointing.  The potatoes were lukewarm and needed salt, and the chicken was ok but after having brick pressed chicken at Marc Forgione I was expecting a similar experience and it was just not as good

Pooja's Pot of Mussels with chardonnay broth, dijon, tarragon, and fries.  A huge portion!  I don't remember if I ate a mussel but the broth was great for dipping fries

Debbie's NY Strip Steak w/fries - pretty tasty and also massive

Sejal's Artichoke Flatbread with mozzarella, chili, rosemary and garlic.  Nice flavors and no skimping on artichokes.  Also their home-made ketchup was pretty damn amazing

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