Friday, January 3, 2014

Dinner at The Argyle in Kearny, NJ

After getting a recommendation from a co-worker Dan and I went to the Argyle in Kearny for some scottish food.  I ordered fish and chips w/mushy peas and side of curry gravy, and Dan got shepherd's pie.  His pie was pretty tasty and he ate it all up.  I ordered cod because the other fish was less meaty.  The fish was very thick and perfectly flaky, but the batter was a little much and I couldnt finish it all.  The curry gravy was awesome though for dipping the chips.  The mushy peas were sad because it's clear they were canned peas, which when mushy look even less appetizing.  Overall glad we went but probably wouldn't go back again.  Could find better fish and chips elsewhere and it wasn't actually that cheap for being in Kearny as there was an upcharge for my cod. 
My fish and chips

Curry gravy on top (best $1 spent) and mushy peas below

Dan's Shepherd's Pie

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