Friday, January 3, 2014

Dinner at Flex Mussels in NYC

Our celebratory dinner!  Post most romantic engagement ever Dan and I went to eat at Flex Mussels.  The food was all amazing and obviously tasted extra great because we were so happy.  But no joke the mussels were delish as was the octopus - possibly best octopus I've had.  Also the beignets were delicious especially with the vanilla cream dipping sauce.

Octopus charred with garbanzo bean bacon stew - there was nothing about this that I didn't love.  The octopus was super meaty yet tender and the char gave it almost a bacon/pork belly type quality.  The beans and bacon were a great rich accompaniment.  Truly a perfect dish.

Mexican mussels - chipotle adobo, chorizo, calamari, posoles - a delicious combo of flavors that I love.  Love the richness that comes from the chorizo and the adobo flavor added a little spice

Maine Mussels - lobster, smoked bacon, chowder and parsley.  Dan's selection.  Loved the combo of lobster and bacon flavors

The Flex Donut Collection - I think we got cinnamon sugar, chocolate, smores, and salted caramel.  Left to right couldn't tell you what's what but tasted very similar to malasadas.  At this point I was pretty full but just have to say that the vanilla bean dipping sauce was the best frosting/icing/dip everrr

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