Friday, January 3, 2014

Dinner at Bin 14 in Hoboken, NJ

So Dan and I don't exactly love Hoboken.  In fact we don't really like going there at all.  Except for Texas Arizona I try to avoid it as much as possible.  But in some of my yelping adventures I came across this restaurant that had a pretty extensive gluten-free menu, so we decided to venture out and make a trip to the Hobo.  Bin 14 is apparently the only wine bar in Hoboken.  Again, not my favorite thing, but nice that I got to try two types of Riesling and not break the bank at all.  I do like flights.  Anyway, they can make most of their dishes gluten-free, including pizza, pasta, and even bruschetta.  I wish I had known about the latter because I didn't even look at the bruschetta dishes.  But just gives us a reason to come back.  The food was really rich and considering the extra charges was not too expensive.  We definitely ordered too much food in my opinion, but Dan enjoyed the meal a lot and I was glad to find a place where they had the same dishes available both as is and gluten-free options.  Definitely worth another trip to try other dishes on the menu.

Grilled octopus, potatoes, capers, and giardiniera - yes, I had to google that last word, which refers to pickled veggies.  The octopus was well cooked and tasty.  I compared the dish to the one at Flex Mussels though, which was a mistake because Flex Mussels octopus is the best hahaha.  This was very well-balanced though and generally light-tasting because of the acid and veggies

Poutine, which is kind of the main reason we came here.  Fries w/mozzarella curds and foie gras gravy.  This was tech not poutine as there were no curds :(  Why do people lie and say there are curds when it's just melted mozz?  Don't get me wrong, this was still freaking delicious esp. with the foie gras gravy, but I want some curds damnit!

Foie gras gravy - full of gluten so I ate like 95% of this, which is prob why I was so full later

The poutine as it should be, with gravy smothered all over

Gluten-free pizza with caramelized onion, pork belly, tallegio, brussels, and egg yolk.  OMG this was SO rich and SO good but I was struggling to get through.  The gluten-free crust was almost cookie-like, which added to the richness of the cheese, which is one of my fav types that I discovered at Eataly.  Tallegio is def mozz-like in creaminess but also sort of brie like in its mildness.  The pork belly was sometimes hard to taste but obvi adds flavor.  The brussels I liked for lightening it up.  And the yolk made me want to cry because it was that good on top ha.  Unnecessary but def made this dish a knock-out

Gluten-free penne with pork ragu, parmesan and poached egg.  Delicious and honestly I didn't notice a difference in the texture of the pasta.  The ragu was great too but I was pretty full at this point so couldn't eat that much

A shot w/the egg broken up.  Never going out of style in my opinion

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