Monday, September 8, 2014

Dinner at Smashburger in Clifton, NJ

We haven't been to Smashburger in a long time since Dan went gluten-free.  I happened to be yelping and saw a recent review that mentioned a gluten-free bun at Smashburger.  Imagine my surprise when I went on their website and saw a press release from May announcing a partnership with Udi's, which is arguably the leading gluten-free bread brand in the country.  Apparently the gf bun option is at all Smashburgers, so of course we went there and I was reminded how this is my fav burger joint after Five Guys.  I just love the bread-to-meat ratio and there is an excellent variety of toppings.  I like both building your own burger and having some pre-made ones to use or to modify.  And they have great sides, though the menu is limited.  I still haven't had any of their shakes because I feel bad consuming as much in a tiny shake as in my entire dinner.  Dan thought the bun was pretty good and seemed a little wider than the usual Udi's bun.  Definitely excited that we can continue coming back here when I have burger cravings.
Dan's bacon cheeseburger with pickles, onions, and a fried egg.  Oh and gluten free bun of course

My NJ burger - blue cheese, bacon, haystack onion straws, lettuce, and tomato. I nixed the mayo and grilled onions

Sides of sweet potato frites and veggie frites.  This was way too much food.  Should've just gotten the veggie frites

Full view of gluten free burger.  Pretty nice ratio

My NJ burger with beautiful onion bun

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