Monday, September 8, 2014

Lunch at Gordon Biersch in Raleigh, NC

On my way home from Raleigh I discovered there was a Gordon Biersch at the airport.  GB has the BEST garlic fries, at least that's what I remember from my paralegal days in DC.  Fortunately my memory was correct, as the garlic fries + lobster bisque made for a killer combo.  I also grabbed a seat at the bar and was served within 3 minutes of sitting down, which was amazing because I was a little worried I might not have enough time to eat.  Fortunately I had plenty of time and both dishes were delicious and complimented each other.  If only there were a closer GB to me so I could eat their fries alll the time.
Bowl of lobster bisque

Perfectly hot and crispy garlic fries

The perfect combo.  Also pretty gross that I ate all of this as my first meal of the day.  Oh well it was vacation.  YOLO.

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