Monday, October 13, 2014

Dinner at Food Gallery 32 in NYC

More Korean food!  Not nearly as tasty as Gaonurri but what can you do haha.  Went to Food Gallery 32 for book club discussion.  It was actually a food court with various Asian eateries.  I tried to get bibimbap but apparently they ran out of sauce?  Wasn't entirely sure what that meant so I opted for ramen instead.  It was fine; nothing memorable.  I also order a pork bun thinking it was going to be the white open faced bun w/some pork belly instead.  NOPE.  It was just a steamed oddly colored tied up bun w/pork and other things inside.  I barely had any, but what I did was not good.  That must be why no one was on line for that.
My sad pork bun

Kimchi Ramen - pork was pretty good and the broth was too, but didn't taste much kim chi.  Also portion-wise kinda small

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