Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rodizio dinner at Mr. Adams Steakhouse in Newark, NJ

Tracy, Nicole, Dan and I went to Mr. Adams Steakhouse along Route 21.  None of us intended to do rodizio aka all you can eat meat, but apparently they did not have the meat combos so the rodizio was the best deal.  OMG so much meat.  My fav by far was the beef rib.  It was so tender and the right amount of meaty and fatty.  Perfect amount of salt.  That by itself made the meal worth it.  The salad bar was acceptable.  A good variety but not as good as that place in Hackensack.  Also a good value money-wise.  There was a wedding going on behind us, which was a little weird because of all the little kids running around huge knives ha.  But I'm so glad we went and would definitely go back.
Salad bar fixins
Lots of meat

Cutting up my amazing beef rib


Serradura - custard mixed with tea biscuits topped with chocolate crumbles

Coconut sorbet

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