Sunday, January 8, 2017

Brunch at Talde in Jersey City, NJ

We hadn't been to Talde in a while so decided to go for brunch.  Definitely very filling and less crowded then, so the service moves more quickly.  Everything was great though not necessarily a cohesive order.
Special beignets - classic and matcha.  Classic were amazing esp with chocolate and coffee dipping sauce.  Neither of us love green tea so the matcha was just okay


Forgot what was inside but was very tasty

Smoked salmon bao with chive cream cheese.  The herbs were a bit much but their baos are always good

As are there tots..No complaints here

Yuzu Guacamole - crispy rice and la quercia ham.  Like crispy rice sushi but no fish.  Fulfilled my crispy rice craving but is def best with raw fish :)

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