Sunday, January 8, 2017

Dinner at Broa in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I met Joanna out at Broa.  We have never gone but it was super cute and intimate.  Looked like some authentic places in Portugal.  The menu is handwritten and changes every day, so they suggested we take a pic of it, which I did, so we wouldn't have to keep going up to look at it.  Everything we had was quite good though I wished the menu was bigger because there were a lot of fried dishes.  I wanted more greens or other carb besides fried breading.  Still, a great meal.
Handwritten menu of the day

Cod Fritters.  Basically croquetas.  Nicely fried and subtle cod flavor

Shrimp in garlic sauce with rice and small piece of bread

Close up of the shrimp in a boat of garlic sauce.  Great flavor

Portuguese Cured Sausage on fireee

Cool presentation but none of our favs.  It was pretty dry sadly

This sausage, however, was incredible and everyone loved it.  A Mix of traditional Portuguese bread, chicken, and pork plus topped with an egg.  The texture of the sausage was soft but not mushy

Chicken balls.  Again like croquetas.  Tasty though again fried, so you see my complaints about not having a super diverse menu

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