Monday, November 18, 2013

Dinner at Dopo Teatro in NYC

Karem and I went to Dopo Teatro in Times Square for dinner.  The location was not the best in retrospect, and unfortunately the food didn't change my mind.  While the food wasn't bad, the service was lackluster, as the waiter gave me the wrong beverage and when we tried to order, were told that they can't make pizza for dinner. WTF kind of Italian place that serves pizza can't do so at night?  So the pasta dishes we ordered were okay.  Needed a lot more seasoning.  Overall, a decent meal in the Times Square area but a bit of a let down since I had craved some serious melted pizza cheese.

Black ink squid gnocchi with prawns - looked really good and had nice texture, but couldn't really taste anything from the squid ink

Pappardelle with barolo braised short ribs and mushrooms.  The meat was well cooked, but the whole dish just needed some salt

Profiteroles with vanilla gelato and chocolate sauce.  Tasty but the gelato tasted not as creamy or sweet as I would've liked

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