Monday, November 18, 2013

Home-made Five-Spice Pork Belly, Mac-n-"cheese" and baby kale persimmon salad

I had some pork belly that I've been doing to cook and I finally found Chinese five space, so found some great recipes online that I combined to season the pork belly.  Unfortunately I think the pork belly in the recipes were big chunks/sections vs. thin slices, which is what I had.  So the meat was pretty well cooked, verging on burned at parts :(  Still super tasty, but next time if I cook such thin pieces I'll definitely know to cook at lower temperature and much less time.  The salad was inspired from Minetta Tavern - mostly baby kale and persimmon plus almonds and croutons with sun dried tomato vinaigrette.  The mac and cheese were leftovers.  The vegan kind.  Overall a good combo and the pork belly, even though burned, was delicious.  Can't wait to try again.
Baby kale persimmon salad, five spice pork belly, mac and cheese

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