Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lunch at Ahri's Kitchen in Jersey City, NJ

The 'rents and Dan and I had lunch at a new Korean restaurant near Hamilton Park.  It was delicious and fresh, large portions and inexpensive.  The dessert was also incredible and I usually don't even like bananas, let alone banana pudding.  It was so delicious that we ordered a second one to go.  Definitely psyched to have another Korean option in JC.  Ahris was also at Project Eats where they had some things not on the normal menu.  We tried the fried chicken wings and they were tasty, though not double fried like Bon Chon. The menu is a little bit different than Kraverie.  This is definitely solid  Would love to come back to try a few more things on the menu like ramen and short ribs.
Bad shot of wings from Project Eats.  Tasty and slight heat with mostly sweet sauce

Seafood pancake.  Delicious if not a tiny bit burned

Chicken dumplings - nicely fried and not greasy.  Great flavor

Giant bulgogi rice roll.  Like sushi with cooked beef

Bulgogi bibimbap.  Fav thing I ate. Vegggies were so fresh and loved the meat.

Pork Shoulder over rice with some veggies.  Nice heat and great flavor

Seafood bbq with calamari, shrimp and mussels.  Same sauce as the pork, so kind of a lot of the same flavor

Surprisingly I loved this.  Made from white sweet potato bananas and vanilla wafers.  Crazy good

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