Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dinner from Gina's Pizzeria in Harrison, NJ

Dan and I ordered delivery from Gina's Pizzeria, which is known typically for it's giant cheese slices. However since we didn't go to the actual store but instead did delivery, we couldn't choose that.  We still got some delicious and super rich pizza.  We also got a salad because I wanted to feel a little bit healthy.  And a cannoli, because I am obsessed with cannolis now.  The pizza itself was giant; I had to freeze the leftovers.  It was tasty but so much going on that couldn't eat too many slices.  It took awhile for the food to get to us despite the fact that the restaurant is prob less than a five minute drive away.  Good thing we're moving out of Harrison soon so that we can just walk when we have a pizza craving.
Carbonara pizza - alfredo sauce, chicken, bacon, and peas.  On pasta it's rich. On pizza with all that cheese it's crazy!  Delicious but I only ate one piece

Grilled chicken salad with peppers, tomato, and fresh mozz.  Delish

Cannoli! LOVE

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