Monday, August 19, 2013

Dinner at Yakitori Taisho in NYC

Dan and I went to Yakitori Taisho for both of our first-all-Yakitori experiences.  The menu is pretty diverse and each skewer is pretty cheap, probably $2 on average.  However, they are extremely small, so even though we ordered 5 each plus shared one, had rice, and an appetizer, we weren't really full.  I think if we had ordered a few more things it would've been more filling, but the bonus is that we got dessert from Waffles & Dinges.  See next post.

Tako Yaki appetizer - basically octopus inside a doughy batter ball.  Tasty but not as deep fried tasting as Fat Buddha.  Also the fish flakes on top were kinda ick

Various skewers.  From L to R: chicken skin, beef, squid legs, bacon-wrapped scallop, bacon-wrapped asparagus, and beef meatballs.  We also had pork belly skewers and a skewer of garlic not pictured.  My fav was the bacon-wrapped scallop.  The chicken skin was a close second.

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