Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lunch from Panera in Clifton, NJ

Felt like a somewhat healthy lunch and Dan and I needed to go grocery shopping, so we decided to go to Clifton since the Stop & Shop there is sooo much better.  Better deals, huge, clean, and not ever crowded.  And apparently they have this awesome scan gun that we didn't use but will have to next time.  Anywayy back to lunch.  Even though Panera is a chain I always feel like I'm satisfied with what I get and don't feel gross at all.  This time was no different and I got to try some new Fall-y dishes.

Dan's Chilled Shrimp Soba Salad - I've had this before and pretty good though over-sauced again

You Pick Two - Autumn Squash Soup.  Great creaminess and I loved the toasted pumpkin seeds on top.  It was a little sweet bc there was definitely cinnamon and nutmeg, so almost felt dessert-y.  But it was great dipping the hot fresh bread into it

Other half of my lunch - Roasted turkey harvest wheatberry salad.  Nice and refreshing.  Also had some gorgonzola, pistachios and mixed greens.  I had never head wheatberry so didn't really know what it was like.  I would compare it to quinoa as it didn't have much of a taste but is probably healthy haha

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