Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dinner at Dinosaur BBQ in Newark, NJ

Dan and I were craving some meat and what better and closer place the Dino.  Literally a two minute train ride away, which is kind of dangerous but I decided we can't go there more than once a month ha.  I am sooo happy that they have Dino Poutine on their full-time menu now.  I could've probably just eaten that and been happy, maybe with couple of wings.  But of course after eating that I got my own two-meat platter hahaha.  What a fattie.

Dino poutine with flash.  Fries, pulled pork, gravy and pimiento cheese

This was so freaking good.  Even without real cheese curds

My two-meat platter.  Korean short ribs and regular pork ribs with BBQ fried rice, corn bread, and veggie of the day - kale and black eyed peas.  The short ribs were pretty tasty but a little salty.  Sides were fab.

Dan's two-meat platter with chicken wings and brisket, plus the kale special side and potato salad

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