Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Home-made chicken teriyaki, veggie str-fry and kimchi fried rice

This meal was really a smorgasbord of Asian food.  The kimchi fried rice was from the night before (Dan's first attempt.  Turned out pretty good) and then I supplemented with gluten-free home-made chicken teriyaki and veggie stir-fry with soy sauce and chili paste.  It was a lot of rice overall.  Didn't realize how much fried rice we had left, but I was really pleased with the teriyaki but I didn't even marinate for very long but it turned out really well and was so easy and quick to do.  The most time-consuming part was defrosting the chicken.  I also felt pretty pleased with myself for making the sauce myself, although honestly it could not have been easier.

(Bottom L to R) Kimchi pork fried rice, white rice, veggies and teriyaki chicken

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