Friday, August 1, 2014

Dinner at Provence en Boite in Brooklyn, NY

To bid farewell to Elena, I trekked to Brooklyn and we hung out around Cobble Hill.  Eventually we had dinner at a French restaurant that neither she nor her friend had eaten at.  Her friend once tried to go to brunch but waited so long that they eventually left.  They had a sign for Belgian night - mussels, fries, and a beer for $14, so we decided to give it a second chance.  Unfortunately that ended up being a mistake.  They had run out of mussels!  And only took American Express!  WTF.  Also no one's food was good.  Somehow their French Onion Soup was terrible, and my duck somehow was in a soup although it was def not supposed to be.  I think this is the first time I've had bad French food.  Lesson learned.  Do not go to Provence en Boite if you are in BK. 
Seared Duck Breast, honey and 4 spices sauce with vegetable cous cous.  This was what it was supposed to be.  Instead it appeared to be duck and shallots in soup with elbow macaroni and peas.  Not quite what I expected.  The duck was pretty overcooked, and the sauce was more bitter than sweet.  Plus three giant shallots that I could/would not eat.  Womp womp.

Traditional Onion soup, melted cheese, croutons - Elena had this and thought it was terrible.  I didn't try it but I find it crazy that a French restaurant could have bad soup.

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