Friday, August 1, 2014

Lunch at Vamoose Gluten Free Cafe in Kearny, NJ

There's at least one gluten-free place near our apt. and it's a cute cafe in Kearny.  You can tell that they cook everything from scratch and it kind of feels like it's someone house.  They have their baked goods in tupperware for storage.  Prices are a little expensive but the sandwich we had was delicious as was the coffee.  I forgot to take pics of the baked goods we got to go - two cupcakes plus chocolate chip cookies.  The baked goods were kind of a let down.  Cupcakes and cookies I've made were def better.  But I am a great baker :)  The food was good and we'd like to come back to try their home-made gf pizza.

GF meatball and mozz panini with chips.  And extra marinara dipping sauce

Inside of the sandwich.  That extra dipping sauce was clutch.  And the bread was good. I think it was Udis though, not home-made

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