Friday, August 1, 2014

Home-made gluten-free pan de bono & banana nut muffins

I tried my hand at pan de bono - Ecuadorian cheese bread that I first tried at Calle Ocho.  Apparently it is actually gluten free because the starches are tapioca and corn masa.  The texture was spot on and the cheese had good flavor, but it lacked the sweetness that the bread at Calle Ocho had.  Oh well.  On the bright side, my gluten-free banana pecan mini muffins came out great.  I made a bunch of them for Dan and me, and a couple nut-free for the puppy.  He goes crazy for them haha

My Pan de Bono

Gluten-free banana pecan mini muffins

More mini muffins.  The nutless ones were for the doggie

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