Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lunch at Matthew's Italian Restaurant in Clifton, NJ

My parents wanted to go to Matthew's in Clifton as it supposedly has the best Italian food in Clifton.  Don't know if that's true, but it was solid.  Everything could've use more seasoning, which was kind of strange, but the ingredients tasted fresh.  Also some great bread.  I wouldn't say it was a particularly memorable meal, but not a bad one.  I don't really see why it would be so raved about though.
Calamari - nicely breaded and fried.  Could've used more salt. 

Tortellini Alla Panna - cheese tortellini, pancetta, peas, mushrooms, cream sauce.  All things HP loves so Dan and I split this along with the filet mignon sandwich.  This was delicious and super rich.

Chicken parm panini - same comment about the seasoning

Bistecca verde sandwich- filet mignon, fresh mozzarella, and broccoli rabe.  Delicious combo of ingredients, and they were all fresh and tasty.  But again, could've used more salt.

Pollo pronto sandwich - chicken, provolone, arugula, onion, sun dried tomato with pesto.  Good but not outstanding.  Again, more seasoning needed.

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