Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lunch at Los Tacos del Tio in East Elmhurst, NY

For lunch during a legal clinic, I grabbed some food from Los Tacos Del Tio.  It's a small place and pretty inexpensive.  My entire meal was $ 9.  I got a quesadilla with chorizon con papa (Mexican sausage with potato) ($4 total) and two carnitas tacos ($2.50 each).  The tacos were excellent, minus the onions.  The quesadilla was a little greasy, and I was honestly so full from the tacos that I didn't even need them.  A good, filling meal overall though.
Two carnitas tacos

Quesadilla outside.  A bit harder than I expected.  Looks like flipped it on flat top

Chorizo and potato filling with lots of cheese

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