Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dinner from House of Que in Hoboken, NJ

We decided to take a chance and order dinner from Hoboken.  Some weird stuff was going on with Grubhub. Basically our order never went through and when we called the restaurant, they said they didn't get anything.  Yet somehow the food arrived right when we thought we'd have to order new food altogether from somewhere else.  Surprisingly delivery bbq was delicious!  Would def order from them again, assuming the grubhub ordering thing was an anomaly.  My favorite was actually pulled pork, which I ordered last min on a whim.  It seemed very hearty and more like brisket.  All of the sides were good too.  I would even consider going to eat in, assuming it weren't a crazy time like a weekend night.
Brisket, ribs and sausage combo with sides of sweet corn casserole and burnt end beans.  All were delicious though the most memorable meat was below

Pulled pork by the pound, and mac and cheese.  Pork had great char and had good mix of fat and lean meat.  Super juicy and more chunky than pulled

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