Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dinner from ME Casa in Jersey City, NJ

Pre-trip to Puerto Rico, we ordered take out from ME casa to psych ourselves us, but also because the food is always delish and there's some good take-out deals.  The mofongo is always divine there.  We got something new for once
Papas rellenas - fried mashed potato balls filled with beef piccadillo.  Of course an excellent idea.  The mashed potatoes themselves really needed some salt

Arroz con gandules - yellow rice with pigeon peas

Bistec Encebollado -sirloin topped with caramelized onions.  This was new for us too.  Great flavor and the beef was tender though I'm sure eating in the restaurant would be even more juicy

Sweet plantains

Mofongo with chicken stew.  Can't see the mashed plantains under but this dish is always spot on

Inside of the papa rellena.  I think just some more seasoning would have really made this excellent because the beef filling was pretty flavorful but only about 20% of the dish

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