Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dinner at Rustique Pizza in Jersey City, NJ

I was craving brick-oven pizza so Dan and I decided to go to Rustique in JC.  It has pretty good reviews on Yelp, with many people calling it the best brick-oven pizza in the area.  Spoiler alert - it's not ha.  Razza def beats Rustique in both of our opinions, though perhaps we were a little clouded by the disparate service.  The restaurant was oddly hard for us to find.  We entered in the take-out area and didn't realize immediately that there was an actual restaurant/seating area in the back.  Nor did they tell us til I started exploring awkwardly backwards.  The waiter also wasn't very attentive or friendly, and it took about thirty minutes for our food to come.  I realize everything was made from scratch but does pizza really take that long?  At Razza our food came pretty quickly and service was just wonderful.  I enjoyed both of the pizzas we got, and we had a lot leftover, but it was def not even close to the best pizza I've had.  The crust was kinda burned and not that fluffy - more thick and doughy.  Also the meats on Dan's pizza were wayyy too salty.  My meat was nearly non-existant on my pizza.  Oh well.  At least we tried it.  The sandwiches are allegedly better than the pizza, so I'd prob try that but take-out only.  I don't know if I'd wanna sit there again.  It is BYOB but apparently no places to go that nearby.

The Frank - soppresata, prosciutto di parma and capicola.  This is the SMALL size btw haha

The Proscuitto di parma - proscuitto, arugula, mozzarella, roasted garlic oil and shaved parmesan.  Loved the garlic and cheese but the meat was hard to find

Proof of meat but had to dig to get that pic

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