Monday, April 29, 2013

Dinner at La Pizza & La Pasta at Eataly in NYC

Ladies dinner to celebrate Jess's birthday!  Eataly is huge but we decided on La Pizza & La Pasta restaurant because who doesn't like pizza or pasta?  Not any of my friends!  Unfortunately there was a bit of a wait (45 minutes or so) but fortunately the place is so huge that we got to wander and grocery shop while we waited.  Everyone got pasta and everyone's dishes were DELICIOUS.  Probably the best pasta I've had, though to be fair I'm no pasta connoisseur.  The meat and cheese platters were a great starter, though at the counter area there seems to be more variety.  All in all a very delicious meal with some lovely company.

Formaggi Misti - mixed cheese plate.  From left clockwise - blue cheese, honey and jam?, goat cheese, which was the BEST, and some other mild cheese that was okay

Salumi Misti - mixed meat platter!  I honestly could not tell you how many types of mea ton here.  A LOT of meaty goodness though.

Pasta al forno al pesto (Jess) - lasagne with pesto, bechamel sauce, and green beans.  Delicious.  Even without meat.  I think all the different textures really made this one amazing.  Pretty sure there was pine nuts in here.  My second favorite after my own order.

Tagliatelle with braised shortrib ragu (Nicole) - super tasty and that short rib was awesome

Bucatini (Laura) with local guanciale, red onion, tomato, chili flake, pecorino and parsley - a great combo with slight slight spice

Gnocchi with braised lamb shank ragu - my order.  Amazing.  Best gnocchi I've ever had.  Nice and fluffy, not heavy at all with the sauce.  The lamb was tender and perfectly paired.  I ate the whole plate and I have NEVER done that with gnocchi.  Granted it was a fairly small plate compared to other Italian restaurants, but still, it was soo good I had to finish.

Linguine (Kavita) with a housemade pesto of tomato, basil, almond, garlic, chili flake, and pecorino.  Also very tasty amd more of a creamy taste.

Fiddlehead ferns.  $18/pound WTF.  You're welcome Dan :)

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