Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dinner at Fernandes Steak House in Newark, NJ

After watching "Steak Paradise" on the Travel Channel Dan and I of course had a big craving for some big juicy steak.  After some brief yelping, we decided on Fernandes Steak House, which had like 4.5 stars.   It was truly a bang for our buck as we got 20+ ounces of steak for a fraction of what we could pay in the city.  Accidentally got a giant jug of sangria.  Meant to get the little one aka half-jarra haha.  Woops.  The restaurant has two restaurants across the street from each other.  We technically dined at Fernandes II but I think it looked more formal than the original.  The restaurant also has rodizio, which looked pretty amazing.  Definitely have to come back again with other people to try the all-you-can eat meat.

Dan's Cowboy Steak - 21 oz with balsamic mushroom glaze, amazing potato sticks with pork and caramelized onions, and veggies

My 22oz T-bone steak with rice, veggies, and potatoes. Under $26

Close-up of Dan's amazing onion-y and garlic-y potato side dish

After-math of my T-bone

After-math of cowboy steak

Serradurra - fresh cream and mashed up vanilla wafers

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