Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dinner at L'Express in Montreal, Canada

For our last big dinner in Montreal we went to L'Express, which is touted as the quintessential French bistro in all of Montreal.  I made a reservation a few days before we arrived after being denied at APDC and Joe Beef.  The food was honestly incredible and as good as APDC but totally different element.  L'Express I think has some very clearly French dishes and all done supremely.  The food was all so rich though that I felt supremely food coma-ed and in pain until the next morning lol.  Worth it for sure though.  And my parents got to try some new things, so it was a really nice experience.

Fresh baked baguette, butter, and house pickles.  Why is french bread and butter so damn good?  We had three loaves/pats of butter and I could've def had more.  So so good.  Even their pickles were good, and I usually loathe pickles.  It was just more tart than sour

Bone marrow appetizer with toasted bread

With the leaves removed

See the marrow scooped out.  Soooo delicious and rich.  Even my parents liked it.  How could you not?  Just meat fat spread on butter bread yummm

My mom's Housemade Raviolis - stuffed with pork and beef and topped with mushrooms and rich sauce.  On of the top ordered dishes and you can see why

Sauteed duck confit with salad - I wanted to order quail but it was sold out, but this was a great poultry alternative.  Spinach bed topped with croutons, nuts, radishes, and of course duck confit.  There was a TON of duck.  No skimping here.  It was definitely filling for an entree even though it was a salad.  The duck was very rich though.  The fat kind of dripped on the veggies

Fresh sea bass and veggie - my dad ordered this and really liked it.  The fish was melt in your mouth soft.

Chardonnay.  Soo good they thought we ordered two haha

Ile flottante with caramel - "floating island"  Meringue and creme fraiche with almond brittle and hardened caramel shell. Soooo good and huge.  Enough for at least 4.  The best part was dipping the almonds in the sauce

Chocolate tart - only thing I didn't love because it was very dark and bitter, which I'm not so into it

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