Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lunch at Nudo in Montreal, Canada + Beaver Tail from La Cremerie

More Asian goodness.  For our final meal we went to The Eaton Center, which is a mall.  But before you disparage the food selection the place we ate at actually has a branch in the mall with main hub in Chinatown.  This place serves home-made noodle soups.  Ramen but Chinese.  You can see the guy beating the dough and cutting your portion in front of me.  So fresh!  A bowl is under $8 and super filling and tasty.  Somehow all the best noodles I eat are in mall kiosks ha.

After lunch I was going to get ice cream at La Cremerie, but then I saw they had beaver tails!  Deep fried dough in the shape of a beaver tail topped with whatever you want.  We went for the simple chocolate with confectioners sugar.  Sooo rich and a giant portion.  The chocolate kind of dripped all over our clothes/bags haha, but it was worth it.

Beef shank soup with veggies.  The beef was well cooked and the broth had nice flavor

My mom's chicken soup with sesame sauce - a milder flavor.  Still tasty and seemed healthier

My BBQ pork soup.  Soo good I didn't want it to end

Beaver tail with chocolate and confectioners sugar.  You can't tell but this is ginormous

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