Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dinner at Reuben's Deli in Montreal, Canada

My parents' first meal in Montreal was smoked-meat central.  I took them to Reuben's Deli, as it was within walking distance of the hotel and we had had a weird long day of sporadic eating.  I don't think they were too impressed by the meat itself, or the poutine.  Too bad.  At least they tried it without having to go to one of the famous restaurants and waiting on long touristy lines.

Chop Chop Poutine - fries with gravy, cheese cards, and chopped smoked meat.  The base poutine was great.  The curds tasted fresh and gravy had nice flavor.  The meat made it salty and the fries were delish but too thin for poutine in my opinion

Famous Reuben's Sandwich - rye bread with huge portion of smoked meat and mustard, served with a pickle and cole slaw

Reuben Sandwich - pumpernickel bread with pastrami and sauerkraut.  Nice flavor and much more manageable in size

My baked French onion soup.  Perfection

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