Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Breakfast from Suissa Bakery in Newark, NJ

Dan and I went to Suissa Bakery in the Ironbound in Newark one Saturday morning because I read they had malasadas, which are Portuguese donuts that are very popular in Hawaii, which is a huge melting pot.  In Portugal these donuts are called sonhos, which is how they were referred to at this bakery.  Unfortunately when we arrived none were ready but they said it would be ready in 20 minutes or so.  20 mins pass.  30 mins pass.  Before we know it nearly one hour has gone by despite intermittent comments that they were almost ready.  We were on the verge of walking out when they brought them out.  When we got home, we discovered our patience was misplaced.  While the malasadas (akin to donuts) looked authentic, they were NOT EVEN FULLY COOKED.  The inside tasted pudding like, which would almost sound good until we realized we were eating raw dough.  Never again.  Not worth going there, waiting there, or anything that we did.  This made my malasada craving even worse.  I guess I'll have to go back to Hawaii one day.
These huge cinnamon sugar covered dough balls look good.  But inside is raw dough :(

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