Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lunch at Bobby's Burger Palace in Paramus, NJ

Amid some early Christmas shopping in Paramus, we stopped for lunch at Bobby's Burger Palace, one of Bobby Flay's casual joints.  This was our second trip and everything was well cooked and flavored, and came out pretty quickly.  We also shockingly didn't feel disgustingly full afterwards - more like a healthy level of full.
Dan's Brunch Burger - burger with fried egg, smoked bacon, and American cheese

Half and half - sweet potato fries and beer battered onion rings.  The sweet potato fries are excellent.  Not too thin and not too thick.  Almost like McDonald's width and crispness, but sweet potato.  The onion rings were giant and I think there were only two or three.  Would have preferred something smaller with the onion melted into it more.

Bobby Blue - burger with blue cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato.  The blue cheese is actually a mix of chunks and blue cheese sauce.  Still kind of mild blue cheese, but delicious.

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