Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dinner at Spanish Pavillion in Harrison, NJ

Dan and I went to Spanish Pavillion in Harrison for a long overdue date night.  We wanted to eat at the bar for the half-price tapas, but it was smoky in front and there were some unsavory, unwelcome looking characters.  So we paid full price and sat in the nice dining room haha.  Fortunately each tapas dish was still pretty inexpensive.  We also ordered way too much, as I got a little overzealous.  For the most part everything was good, and it made me really excited to go back to Spain.  Nice to know there's something authentic so close to home.
(L) Patatas bravas - fried potatoes, garlic aioli and paprika.  (R) Queso Manchego Frito - fried manchego cheese with smoked paprika aioli.  Both so delicious though could've done without the queso because it was pretty filling.  Perfect balance of fried, spice, and garlic creaminess.

Tortilla - cold omelette with onions, potatoes, and peppers.  Not memorable and def not one of the best tortillas I've had.  Would pass on this in the future.

Albondigas de cordero - lamb meatballs in tomato sauce.  Great flavor and a little surprised they used lamb, but I love lamb so a good choice

Imported jamon serrano - it felt a little dry/not freshly cut.  I might also skip this as it cannot compare to the jamon you get in Spain

Pulpo a la Feira - octopus, hot paprika, potatoes, virgin olive oil, and garlic.  This was from the Appetizers menu, not tapas.  Super meaty and a large portion.  Could've used some more salt.

Panceta de Cerdo Estofada - braised pork belly.  This was a let-down.  Super salty and the texture didn't even seem like pork belly.  More like shredded pork.

Sofrito de Gambas - large shrimp sofrito and garlic saffron aioli.  I was pretty full by the time they brought this out.  The garlic flavor was not so pronounced - it was mostly tomato tasting.  There were also only three shrimp.

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