Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Take-out from Nino's in Harrison, NJ

Dan wanted some real pizza after being gluten-free for so long, so we ordered from Nino's even though it's so close we could walk.  We were cold and lazy.  The pizza itself was pretty heavy and a little greasy, though I liked the flavors.  The buffalo wings were a let down.  Not very saucy and they were unevenly sauced, and lukewarm.  I still ate them lol.
Buffalo wings.  Some were already eaten by the time I snapped a pic.  But regardless, they don't look too appetizing do they?

Large pizza with chicken, garlic, and chopped tomatoes.  Definitely a HP combo.  I liked it but felt disgusting after two slices.  We learned our lesson and only ate one slice each for two dinners following.

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