Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dinner at Topaz in Belleville, NJ

Went to Belleville for some delicious, authentic, and cheap Thai food.  Everything we had was delicious and while they had a lot of traditional dishes, they also had some unique spins that were worth trying.  It's so close I would definitely go back again.
Thai chicken tacos - not on the menus online but was recommended on yelp.  Super tasty and filling.  Also very refreshing because of the herbs.

Curry Fried Rice - yellow curry fried rice w/chicken, eggs, onions and scallions.  The curry flavor was somewhat slight, but definitely noticeable compared with typical fried rice.  A nice spin on a dish that would otherwise probably not be so memorable

Volcano Chicken - breaded chicken served with tamarind chili sauce and vegetables.  Definitely the best part of the meal, and paired so well with the curry fried rice.  Would order again.

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