Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brunch at Bistro La Source in Jersey City, NJ

So this week is Hudson Restaurant Week, and at Bistro La Source they had a three course prix-fixe menu for $15.  Dan and I haven't been to Bistro La Source in almost a year.  Not really for any reason but just don't really "crave" Bistro food too often.  But being there and having such a great meal reminded me I need to come back for Mussels Monday sometime soon.  Anyway, Dan actually didn't order from the RW menu because he was craving more brunch-y food, but it turned out well b/c he helped me conquer my food, which would've been too much for just me.  We were seated though between two families with infant kids and a smelly older lady, so that kind of marred our overall dining experience.  Also the service was slow despite it not being too crowded.  The food quality makes up for  it though in my opinion.

My first course - charcuterie with various meats, candied walnuts, bread, and pickled winter root veggies.  Meat and bread were great.  I liked the walnuts a lot.  Dan enjoyed the veggies a lot.  Pickled veggies is not really my thing but it was interesting to try.
2nd Course - Steak au poivre sandwich with fries.  The sandwich had an interesting mushroom gravy that was a little too rich for me, but Dan loved it.  The fries were perfectly crisp.

Poached Eggs Norwegian with smoked salmon, hollandaise and home fries.  This was deliciousss.  Dan ordered this but I got to try it and I would def order this myself in the future, which I haven't ever said about any type of benedict-y dish.

Also got apple crumble with gelato but took it to go because we were too aggravated by the surrounding company. 

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