Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brunch at Satis Bistro in Jersey City, NJ

Satis Bistro in JC has some great reviews on Yelp, and recently got a great review in the New York Times, so decided to hit it up for brunch.  The place was really cute, high ceilings and lots of latin on the chalkboards.  Our waiter was a little weird - kind of a mix of blase and he wanted to kill us.  The food overall was a little disappointing considering the rave reviews.  I enjoyed what I ate but it wasn't the best brunch I've had by far.  Most of the food was severely underseasoned, which I guess is better than being too salty but I'm not sure why they were so sting with salt.  Still, I would like to come back for dinner to see if there is more to the place.

Poached Eggs with crispy pancetta and basil hollandaise served on foccacia crostini - Dan got this.    He enjoyed it though the pancetta was way overcooked.  It was almost the consistency of bad turkey bacon.  There was a little too much basil in the sauce for my taste.

Side of sweet potato home fries - we felt like we had to order this since we'd never seen this on a menu.  This was def lacking in salt.  Once we added salt and pepper though it was pretty tasty.

Shredded beef brisket and Yukon Gold Potato Hash, two fried eggs, and Harissa - Everything was delicious but the brisket was a little stringy.  Like it took effort to chew.  The harissa was a nice compliment though and overall I enjoyed it.

Another view of my meaty breakfast

Pain Au Chocolat for dessert.  Because why not.  No kidding when I say this was maybe 10% chocolate inside.  There were like four random bites with chocolate.  WTF.  I mean the croissant itself was good.  Nicely buttered and flaky but I wanted some chocolate.

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