Monday, October 5, 2015

Brunch at Liberty Prime Steakhouse in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I went to Liberty Prime Steakhouse around the corner for one of the best brunches I've had, especially in JC.  They have a lot of reasonably priced steak brunch entrees and excellent, cheap drinks as well.  Looks like their normal entrees are comparable to most other steakhouses, but brunch is really a bargain and sooo good.  There are still many other things I want to try so I am super happy this is so close by.  Also excellent musical selection.  It was basically all '90s so I was karaoking while eating.
House Bloody Mary and Liberty Prime Bellini (champagne, peach schnapps and peach puree).  Both only $4.  My bellini was delicious

Filet Mignon Benedict - beef tenderloin and poached eggs served on a butter brioche and chive hollandaise. Came with avocado and home fries.  Delicious and perfectly cooked steak and eggs.  $17 seems wholly reasonable

Steel cut Irish oatmeal served with grilled bananas and brown sugar oatmeal.  Sounded intriguing, even to me who doesn't like oatmeal.  It wasn't as sweet as Dan expected or as I hoped 

Steak Sandwich - rib-eye steak crispy onion rings, sweet peppers, chipotle mayo, served with Parmesan steak fries.  The steak was delicious and perfectly cooked.  I thought the onion rings would be rings but even better they were french fried onions.  The bread was a perfect thickness and sturdiness but still not hard to eat.  The fries were sooo good.  Perfect amount of garlic and cheese.  Huge portion though so only ate maybe half

Close up of my delicious sandwich. Did I mention it was only $14?

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